Onelab Python

Onelab Python is an open-source software project, which enables engineers to generate CAD, mesh, and finite element models using Python and Gmsh. You can access the package by installing the Gmsh or Onelab software suite and running "pip install onelab" from your command line.

A Steel Body Resonator Guitar

Built a Resonator Guitar for a class at Trinity College Dublin. The build process is on Instructables. Check it out and shoot me an email if you would like more infomation.

Star Garden - A Trinity Ball Art Installation

Designed an art installation for Trinity Ball, a music festival for 10,000+ attendees in Dublin. The installation was inspired by Jim Campell's low resolution light installations and it consisted of 100s of LED hung 15ft above the ground to invoke 'gazing at the stars.'

A VR Game with a Bluetooth Controller

Built a single player VR game in Unity, which was controlled by a bluetooth module and a Teensy Arduino. I used the Google Cardbaord VR Kit and a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Twilio Studio WooCommerce Plugin

I built a small wooCommerce plugin to allow you to easily interface with Twilio Studio. Twilio Studio gives everyone the ability to use the Twilio API without any programming experience. With this plugin you can build complex communication flows, which are triggered when you receive a new order..